Photography, music, coffee (yes…) and travelling are my passions. Somewhere in my life I decided to study music because: ‘Without music life would be a mistake’ (Nietzche) and for me it’s like that. Then, Photography has always been beside it, from when I was about 14 years old. At 17 I owned a Pentax reflex kit.

In photography I like nearly all styles to see, and I eat and drink practically all that comes with the whole thing; cameras, lenses, techniques, and software. I love those toys 🙂

As traveler, mountain hiker and lover of pure unspoiled nature I mostly shoot that, but people have proven to be a big interest of me too.
In all I search for the expression of the moment, calm or wild, but in which I tend to love the extremes. It makes me alive…..  I love Argentina, a country which has so much to offer in those extremes, landscapes, people… I feel we match.

Hans Koot


_MG_3847Here enjoying a quiet time at Silvia’s beloved river @ Quilmes, Argentina. Photo made by Silvia Marmori.